Breda (NL) 2015 till 2018
In Breda we became part of the cultural area Haveneiland. This is the base from where we will rebuild the Atlas. The former Polish fishing vessel (1974) will be converted into a sailing ship and equipped with sustainable systems. During the rebuilding there are art projects taking place onboard aswell.
Hamburg (DE) - Breda (NL) 2015
Before we were heading for the North Sea, we went to a shipyard in Hamburg. They checked the thickness of the hull, repaired some spots and put new paint on it. After getting this done our crew came on board and we sailed in two days and two nights to Stellendam (NL), where we removed the mast of 13 meter. This was necessary to be able to come into Breda because of the bridges of 7 meters height. 
Grünendeich (DE) 2015
We bought the ship in spring and started to prepare the ship to sail to Breda (NL). We traveled in the weekends to Grünendeich for about a half year to get this job done.