"When I’m navigating at sea my senses opens completely to my surroundings. I questioning my observations again and again. I’m aware of all the ever-shifting and changing natural forces and 

-systems what can have an effect on navigating at sea. Perhaps that's why the sea attracts me so much, because that's where the complex and constantly changing reality presents itself to me.”

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Laura Schippers (Born in NL, 1985) visual artist, owner of ship Atlas and initiator of Atlas initiatief

curriculum vitea


Humans have the characteristic of simplifying reality. Like we do in language, for example. Defined definitions such as 'I' or 'tree' are necessary to communicate with each other. Thereby we take for granted that the word doesn’t quite coincides with reality. A centuries-old accumulation of all kinds of abstractions influences our thinking, way of communicating and perception. It becomes our reality.


I tend to re-open abstractions and seek for the ‘real’. In my work I explore and depict the complex and constantly changing reality. Based on my physically and mental experience of moving through a landscape and the change of perspective. My work is also influenced by nautical science, physics, brain science and philosophy.


A several years ago I imagined my ideal studio, it had to be a mobile- and a shared one. Now, 10 years later Stijn and I are almost ready to sail away with our ship Atlas. What will be the start of our nomadic life at sea. From than on, my intention is to develop my research to 'reality' futher into practice. By using the Atlas to facilitate projects of artists and scientists at sea and in coastal areas.


A residency at sea will be intensive, because you work and live closely together. Whereby, I think you will become automatically involved in each other's 'worlds'. The exchange of these 'worlds', ideas, perspectives, and the experience of a sea voyage contributes to the development of each other's practices.


A selection of my work: 

textual/visual contribution to the publication of the exhibition 'Is Pas d’Espace' with Maud van den Beuken, Loek Grootjans & Margot Zweers in PARK Tilburg, 2021


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'without comment', 2012

'Indefinite drawing #6', group exhibition 'Fresh Cacao' in Cacaofabriek Helmond, 2015

indefinite drawing #6 overzicht fresh cacao 150.jpg
indefinite drawing #6 cacaofabriek 1 150.jpg

'Indefinite drawing #1 and #2', working period ‘Series’ by Marcel van Eeden, at St. Moritz Art Academy, 2014

indefinite drawing 1 en 2.jpg
tekening st. moritz 1.jpg
tekening st. moritz 2.jpg

'De onbestemde reis, 2015' follow-up project/journey by Laura Schippers with Sjuul Joosen and Eef Schoolmeesters, from Traffic and Red Star Line Museum Antwerp, 2015


'The indefinable journey' participant of a project/journey by Koen Deprez, from Lokaal 01 Breda, 2012.   

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video-installation 'Galata', group exhibition 'Palais Ideal' in De Fabriek Eindhoven, 2015


videofragment 'Galata'

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4 fixed binoculars 'Kijken naar een veranderend lanschap', group exhibition 'Landkunst aan de Zuiderwaterlinie', BKKC, Staatsbosbeheer & Erfgoed Brabant in 's Hertogenbosch, 2017

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hond op kruispunt jpg.jpg

Digital collage / print 'Hond op kruispunt', 2014

pen drawing, 2014

photo 'Brussel', 2012

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